Elerium HTML to Excel .NET Live Demo

This example demonstrates the Elerium HTML to Excel .NET component.
  1. You can change the data in the input fields.
  2. You can add or delete entries in the product table.
  3. You can add or change CSS styles of the input HTML document by clicking on the "Add/Update css rules" link.
  4. In order to view the HTML document to convert, click on the "Preview HTML Report" button.
  5. click on the "Generte Excel Report" button to generate report.

Enter header text:
Invoice #:
Expiration Date:

To Name:
Company Name:
Street Adress:
City, ST ZIP:
Customer ID:
Salesperson Job Payment Terms Due Date
QTYDescriptionUnit PriceLine Total 
Subtotal 8050
Sales Tax %
Total 9499
Quotation prepared by:________________________________________

To accept this quotation, sign here and return:________________________________________
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