Elerium Excel .NET

» Create / Read / Write Excel files (without references to third-party libraries).
» Supported Excel file formats XLS, XLSX, CSV.
» Available in C# and VB.NET (see Examples in Learning Center).
» Free future Updates and Support.
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Excel Cell Borders

Elerium Excel .NET presents an easy way to set Borders of Excel Cell with help of property Style.Borders. User can set border style and color.

Features of Elerium Excel .NET

Elerium Excel .NET is a mature, scalable and feature rich component that offers many functions.

Cell Addressing

There are many elements with own address in excel spreadsheet. The sample shows how to set address or index of Excel worksheet, row, column, cell or cell range.

Cell Color and Background

There are different properties of cell style that allow to set cell color, cell background, pattern or gradient (excel XLSX file format).

Export Excel to DataTable

Export data from Excel to DataTable in one line using functionWriteToDataTable().

DataTable to Excel

Function ReadFromDataTable() reads data from DataTable and writes into Excel worksheet.

Edit Excel file

How to read excel file, change values and save with new data. Convert excel files from xls to xlsx and vice versa.

Font Style

How to change the formatting of text in excel cell, its size, color, boldness, font etc.

Excel formula

Elerium Excel .NET can create, read, calculate formulas. Formula is a core of excel automation and allows to organize a complex applications.

Supported Excel formulas

This sample shows the list of supported excel formulas.
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