Elerium Word .NET Reader

» Allow to read Word documents (without references to third-party libraries).
» Supported Word files DOC, DOCX, RTF.
» The Word Reader is available in C# and VB.NET (see Examples in Learning Center).
» Free future Updates and Support.
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Read Word Document

Elerium Word .NET Reader presents an easy way to read data and formatting of Word documents. Here you will find the basic steps of getting the text of the document.

Text Formatting

This sample demonstrates reading of different text formatting such as Font Name, Size, Color, Background color, Footnotes ...

Paragraph Properties

This sample shows how to get the paragraph properties: Alignment, Margins, Tab Stopes, Line Spacing, Shading ...

Word List

It is easy to get information about Lists in the Word document. This sample shows how to get list properties such as List Id, StartAt, Level, Bullet or Number style.

TabStops properties

This sample shows how to get TabStops properties such as Position, Alignment, Leader.

Word Columns

This sample shows how to get Column properties such as Column Count, Width, Spacing between columns.

Page Settings

This sample shows how to get various Page settings such as Width, Height, Border, Margins ...
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