Elerium Word .NET Writer

» Allow to create Word documents (without references to third-party libraries).
» Supported Word files DOC, DOCX, RTF.
» The Word Writer is available in C# and VB.NET (see Examples in Learning Center).
» Free future Updates and Support.
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Create new document

This Example shows basic steps of creating the Word  document with Elerium Word .NET Writer.

Add a new paragraph with given text and change it properties

This example shows how simple to add a new paragraph to the section of the word document and change style properties for all textruns of this paragraph.

Add new section to the document

This example shows how to add a new section to the created Word document.

Change the section settings

This example shows how to change page dimensions and margins and set borders for this section.

Insert Tables to the document

This example shows two different approaches to create tables with rows and cells in Word document.

Add Header/Footer for the section

This example shows how to add Header and Footer to the selected section of the Word document.

Add Image to the paragraph

This example shows how to insert image to the Word document.

Save document to DOC\DOCX\RTF format

This example shows how to save created Word document to DOC\DOCX\RTF format.
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